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Where Can You Find Our Amazing Fruit?

1. Our farmers markets! We are dedicated to having our most fresh organic just-picked fruit at our markets. We train our employees about the varieties we grow and they are happy to share that knowledge! Please don't hesitate to ask! We are at A LOT of farmers markets throughout the summer growing season, as well as 3 year-round markets! Check out our FARMERS MARKET page at the top of your webpage and see where we are today!

2. At a local store's organic section near you! We work really hard to have our fruit in only the best grocery stores in the US that are dedicated to having great quality organics! Tiny's Organic fruit can be found in such locales as Washington State, Oregon, California, Colorado, New York, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota....and many more states! 

  We grow over 30 different varieties of organic fruit at the Tiny's farm!
                             Cherry Plums
                    Shamrock Apples
               20th Century Asian Pears
Peach Varieties